Standard Operating Procedures  (SOP)

Cleaning - Disinfecting and Sanitizing of CHNZ Vehicles 

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Use PPE: Face mask, Safety glasses, disposable gloves must be worn .


Cleaning Procedure

Immediately on the return of the vehicle spray all heavily touched surfaces. Not limited to but must include: vehicle keys, door & grab handles, steering wheel & all accessory stalks, electrical switches, radio, E-road hardware, hand brake levers, gear lever, consoles, sun visors, seat belts, seat adjusters, armrests.with Aeris Active  http://www.cleaningsystems.co.nz/product-range/details/aeris-active   This kills viruses within 60 seconds  and it will leave an active residue on a surface for up to 200 touches or 7 days. 


Leave for 5 Min , Wipe with paper towels or cloth (note dispose of paper towel after use and cloths used must be washed immediately).


Using a hepa filter fitted to  vacuum remove bulk dust, dirt etc from all surfaces within cab – Remember use PPE mask, goggles and gloves.


Using a  sprayer with a mist attachment . Apply a fine coverage of Biosan 11 http://www.cleaningsystems.co.nz/product-range/details/biosan-ii   on all other surfaces such as roof lining, carpets, rubber mats, upholstery fabric.While spraying,  run the air conditioning/heater on recirculating for a short period .

It should only take 30 minutes to dry and as a precaution leave it for 2 hours before reusing.


Note //If vehicle is moved by any of CHNZ staff before pick up, clean all touched areas with Aeris Active and wipe down .

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