Here at CHNZ, we are are committed to a better future for our planet. This will be achieved by minimizing our carbon foot-print utilising clean modern fuel-efficient vehicles in our rental fleet. 


What steps are we taking to ensure a sustainable future for our business?
CHNZ’s current status in the reduction of carbon emissions is our commitment to reducing our products' carbon emissions in order to provide a modern fuel-efficient fleet of rental vehicles.
•In the present time we ensure that we maintain the average age of our rental fleet which is 7 years. 
•We fit covers to all new truck and trailer builds as this reduces  wind drag which thus increases fuel efficiency, therefore decreases the amount used meaning not only will they last longer but we are reducing our carbon footprint.
•Maintainence of tire pressures and fitting fleet vehicle rentals with E-Road Gen2 (as this helps to monitor fuel usage and driver behaviour) are also things we currently do.
Our Future 
•We are in the process of developments for the future regarding our carbon emission reduction. Plans for this include: App-based (the elimination of paper use) reporting and hire documents, QR codes for operator information and video presentation.
•CHNZ are also in the process of getting our average fleets’ age profile to 5 years.