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About Us

About us

CHNZ is your Hire Partner, Available 24/7

Commercial Hire NZ (CHNZ) equipment can be found throughout NZ, on many of the most well-known contracting, civil and construction projects. As a proud New Zealand owned & operated family business, we have been supporting local jobs and communities for over 10 years. CHNZ knows what you need, and our Nationwide branches are there to give you the very best advice.

CHNZ grew from a drive to change the experience of Truck & Trailer hire

In 2008, CHNZ was established. Brendan, the Managing Director, was seeing frustration and complexity in the short- and long-term hire of trucks and trailers and was determined to change the industry. 

Supporting the civil & construction industries in times of need

Since 2008, CHNZ has rapidly grown, with a strong portfolio of nationwide contracting, civil and construction industry clients who resonate with CHNZ’s method and approach. As word of mouth spread, and to meet demand in exceptional times (such as post-Christchurch and Kaikoura earthquakes), CHNZ geared up and experienced a phenomenal period of business growth, acquiring a formidable and diverse fleet of equipment and firmly cemented a reputation within the contracting, civil and construction industries.

“The CHNZ approach is typified by personalisation, customisation and absolute reliability. CHNZ takes an ‘inside-out’ approach; to really understand our clients’ hire equipment requirements."

Providing excellence and custom-designed service and solutions

On-site, CHNZ knows that ‘near enough’ isn’t and will never be 'good enough’, so although all our vehicles and equipment are built industry tough, they can also be custom-designed to service a specific range of industries including construction, civil, earthmoving and private infrastructure.

Reliable and cost-effective truck and trailer equipment for hire Nationwide

With equipment nationwide in New Zealand, CHNZ opened a Christchurch branch in 2011 and established a Wellington branch in 2019. CHNZ offers reliability, transparency and a known fixed cost. Our hire equipment is up-to-date with the latest in technology and health and safety compliance, and our customers know that with a fixed cost, they are getting machinery that is serviced, maintained (including tyre replacements), at no extra cost. With hire, there’s no depreciating asset ownership and complete flexibility for the fleet to expand or contract with seasonality and demand.

The experience and dedication of our staff is what drives us forward

Intrinsic to CHNZ’s approach is employing hire managers with practical and extensive industry knowledge – people who both understand their client’s unique requirements, and who are willing to work with you to develop a customised solution that meets your truck and trailer hire needs.

Leaders & Innovators in fleet hire

CHNZ strives for a culture of excellence, this is key to our success and pivotal as an industry innovator and leader we do this through:

  • Honesty – keeping integrity as a business at all levels, if we don’t know, we’ll own up and find out.
  • Being present – being attentive and actively listening, especially to every clients’ individual needs.
  • Being smart – seeking answers, being savvy and thinking creatively. Fostering innovation and tackling new challenges.
  • Being thorough – Proving information, being deliberate, and specific. Being exacting to increase efficiency.
  • Being reliable – so we are relied on to deliver the outcomes we agreed on. We say what we do and do what we say.
  • Being disciplined – Being consistent and rigorous, striving to be the best version of ourselves and the company each day to build success.
  • Being inquisitive – being immersed in the industry and in the business means CHNZ are always hungry to stay one step ahead.

Regardless of where you are in New Zealand, CHNZ is just a phone call away. The team understand that supply delays or the supply of mismatched vehicles directly translates to a loss of time and productivity. Working as an external part of your team, the team at Commercial Hire NZ are always happy to assist you.

Brendan Morrison

Managing Director/CEO

John Jones

General Manager/Branch Manager Marlborough, Tasman

Chris Roberts

CHNZ Branch Manager Otago and Southland

Brian O'Donnell

CHNZ Branch Manager / Canterbury

Rob Kelly

CHNZ Branch Manager Wellington/Wairarapa

Dan Marsden

CHNZ Branch Manager Manawatu/North island

Connor Morrison

Fleet Coordinator & Systems Manager CHNZ

Tania Osborne

Financial Officer

Koriana Osborne

Accounts CHNZ