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Here at Commercial Hire NZ (CHNZ), we are committed to a better future for our planet. This will be achieved by minimizing our carbon footprint.

Our industry has a direct impact on a number of factors which affect the climate, safety and air quality. 

Yet sustainability work can sometimes seem like a hard task to navigate. The biggest part of our environmental footprint most likely comes from the operation of our vehicles.  At CHNZ we know that more than 90% of a regular diesel truck’s environmental impact occurs during actual vehicle use. 

CHNZ is committed to incorporating better sustainability practices into our operations which will improve efficiency, make better use of resources, cut costs, unlock business opportunities and minimise our carbon footprint to better protect the planet.  

Committed to working with all aspects of sustainability in the transport sector, the positive actions we are taking to incorporate sustainability into our business include:

  • lowering carbon emissions through better fuel economy and sustainable tech development
  • re-treading tyres - a practical way to recycle worn tyres which makes them reusable
  • regular maintenance - a properly working vehicle minimizes harmful emissions. Not only is this also safer and more efficient, it will save money long-term. Minor maintenance issues that are ignored can lead to reduced performance and productivity
  • taking stock of the ways we go about our business including reducing and recycling initiatives in the offices and workshops
  • purchasing from an OEM that incorporates sustainability into its product and production processes
  • purchasing trucks for maximum fuel efficiency which is good both for the environment and for our customers’ business
  • investing in an alternative driveline, electric truck and hybrid options, in order to reduce your environmental footprint and save on fuel costs
  • building tipping bodies and trailers using steel from SSAB who is the leader in decarbonizing the steel industry.       It's not here yet but we should support companies like this for the future. Check out