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Trailers for Hire

Commercial Hire NZ (CHNZ), is New Zealand’s leading truck and trailer hire company that has a strong commitment to providing the latest technology in trucks and trailers fit for use and ready to work for you.

Trailer dry hire New Zealand-wide

Commercial Hire NZ has the right team to ensure that all your trailer dry hire requirements are fulfilled and we strive to exceed our customers' expectations. We deliver on time, offering the best in trailers to suit your job. Our trailers are up-to-date with servicing and safety checks, minimising downtime for our customers so they can maximise profits. Our hire trailers are fully serviced and maintained in general accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and minimum industry safety standards, keeping productivity rates high.

Specialised truck and trailer units for hire

At Commercial Hire NZ we provide a niche fleet of specialised trucks and trailers which is tailored to meet the immediate needs of the civil, environmental, remediation, domestic and construction industry. Offering full fleet hire or small to medium truck, trailer and ute hire. Drawing on our working knowledge of your industry, we will ensure you receive the most suitable equipment for your job.

Hire trailers can be modified to meet your requirements

We can also modify trailers to meet your requirements. We specialise in providing fit-for-purpose equipment that meets your needs. With our associated company Transport Engineering Otago we can build from scratch or modify one of the existing units to best suit your application.

All the costs are covered, saving you peace of mind

The best part about hiring a truck or trailer for your business means all costs are included in the upfront daily rate and kms travelled rate. We expect that our vehicles will be used for the purpose they were intended, with reasonable wear and tear expected. You’ll no longer have to worry about that unforeseen expenditure associated with ownership.

Contact the team at Commercial Hire NZ today to discuss your unique needs and trailer hire requirements.