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6x4 Insulated Tippers

6x4 Insulated Tippers

These hard-working 6x4 Insulated tippers tipper.

These asphalt ready insulated bodies are ready for your all your asphalting needs.

Tested against a standard body these bodies keep your load hot for far longer.

You can hire them in a range of hp from 380 to 530 hp, catering to a 10-11 tonne payload.

Range of Transmission choices: Auto or Road Ranger. 

Class 4 License. 

Key Features Hardox Bodies

  • Internal Tie Points

  • Deck Locks

  • 2-Way Tail Doors

  • Trailer Gear 40mm or 50mm Options

  • Insulated Asphalt Cover Tarps

CHNZ minimum safety standards: 

  • Reverse Beepers

  • Flashing Beacons

  • Handbrake Alarms

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Wheel Chocks

  • Reverse Cameras 

  • Gen 2 E-Roads